The Sims 1

The Sims is a strategic life-simulation video game developed by Maxis and published by Electronic Arts in February 4, 2000.Sims are influenced by the player to interact with objects or other Sims. Sims may receive guests, invited or not, from other playable lots or from unhoused NPC (non-player character) Sims. If enabled in the game’s options, Sims have a certain amount of free will, allowing them to autonomously interact with their world.We provide you 100% working game torrent setup, full version, PC game & free download for everyone!

System Requirement

  • OS: Windows 95/98/XP
  • CPU: Pentium II, 233 MHz Processor
  • Hard Drive: 1.4GB
  • Memory: 64 MB
  • Graphics: 2MB
  • DirectX: 7.0

  • Installation Instruction:
  • You must have 127 MB in your drive to save the file.
  • To download torrent file, you will be required μTorrent. (Download μTorrent)
  • Open The Sims 1 >> Game folder.
  • After that, double click on simreg to add some small pieces of information.
  • Then double click on Sims icon to play the game. Done!
  • Start & Play!
    Click the link below to Download